Paint it white! Is white paint making a comeback? I would say it has never been OUT! There have certainly have been trends throughout the years. White paint will always be a standard for simplicity! A perfectly picked white paint color will always complement a space! Trim. Millwork. Walls. Doors. Cabinets. No matter what that […]

July 29, 2021

the shop

The deep blue bathroom was the first of many bathrooms we plan on remodeling. We chose this bathroom first because it was the darkest and dreariest of all the bathrooms. My kids never used it because it felt like a dark cave. The lighting was terrible, the tile was all wrong, and the sink was […]

November 30, 2020



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In our latest project, we remodeled a bathroom for our boys. Our Deep Blue Bathroom has been a favorite, and we're sharing resources to shop that room, from the nautical mirror to the brass hardware. Shop the room below!


Let’s face it, millwork is gorgeous! Beautifully crafted millwork is like fine art; it never goes out of style. It adds so much character and charm to any home and space. I love millwork! Can not get enough of the beauty millwork adds. On the project Her Office, we incorporated millwork to finish the space. […]

October 26, 2020