Every year we celebrate the special day with lots of hugs, cuddles, and love. I always enjoy the still moments with my kids. The little moments are very few since they are growing up so fast. To celebrate here are some of my favorite gifts to give and some of my personal favorites. Happy Mother’s […]

April 30, 2022

the shop

It is that time of year…fall! Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons. The warmth of color lining the streets with freshly fallen leaves creating a parade of browns, golds, yellows, and shades of red. Mixed with the cool chill in the air wrapped up in a warm cozy coat with the smell of […]

October 8, 2021



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In our latest project, we remodeled a bathroom for our boys. Our Deep Blue Bathroom has been a favorite, and we're sharing resources to shop that room, from the nautical mirror to the brass hardware. Shop the room below!


Let’s getaway! Only for the weekend. Just a few nights. Does this sound familiar? I know for me, it is constant. The Texas summer days are hot, and we are miles away from any so-called beach resort. I crave the sounds of the surf, salty beach hair, and sandy toes. A quick getaway can be […]

June 26, 2021